Sunday, January 14, 2007

Made my goddamn week!

I mentioned Tara in other entries. She's not my student, technically, she's on the other 4th grade teacher's roster. But that doesn't mean a thing. I am pretty much teaching the entire 4th grade now. Anyway, Tara is almost 13 and this is her third time in 4th grade. She has a very obvious learning disability.

She was tested (finally!) and since her teacher was performing administrative duties, I was called down to the meeting with her mother and the special ed committee to discuss the results and her placement. I have no idea wtf I am doing at these meetings. Seriously, the special ed system and procedures are draconian and strange. There are so many legal issues to deal with. So I always feel like I'm talking out my ass. A few minutes into the meeting, after we were informed that Tara did indeed qualify for special services, I said, "I have no idea if this is inappropriate, but since she qualifies for resource, can't we advance her to her own grade level and finally put her in middle school where she belongs?" Her mother actually cheered. It got kind of quiet for a little bit, and then the committee members said they didn't see why that would be a problem.

Tara starts middle school Tuesday. They let me be the one to tell her. I took her out in the hall and she started crying and then reached out and hugged me. She has a chance to make it through high school, now. Sometimes things work out.


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