Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Don't pray for me

It's 4am and I woke up for some reason.

The Jesus stuff at work is making me insane. I don't know why people seem to think it's acceptable to insert their faith into every conversation (both casual and in formal meetings) we have. For all the talk we have about tolerance and diversity, I'm not really feeling it.

Typical Conversation (a template, if you will):

Co-worker: La la la God's plan for me, la la God led me to say this, la la la there's a bigger plan.

Me: Insert statement of not believing in any religion/deity/whatever here.

Co-worker: Oh, I don't believe you. You're just going through a phase or something. I will most certainly be praying for you.

Me: ...

I wonder what would happen if I said I thought all their Jesus stuff was just a cute little phase and that no one really bought any of that crap about the virgin getting knocked and that I would so totally be having my next ten abortions in their name. By "I wonder what would happen" I mean "How long would it be until I were hauled into the principal's office?"

We have not had a single faculty meeting where someone didn't bring up religious matters. Not one. I'm feeling pretty damned surly about it and I know if I said anything, no matter how respectfully phrased, everyone would look on me like I were some sort of crazed puppy-killer. But I'm pretty pissed off that I'm expected to have some deep respect for their religion when they think it's acceptable to tell a thirty year old woman that her non-belief is ridiculous and that they'll be exercising their religious faith upon her whether she likes it or not.


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