Friday, December 15, 2006

Hazards I didn't even think about

My school is right by the highway(s) and surrounded by railroad tracks. The tracks are a huge pain in the ass because every time a mile(s) long train comes by, you get stuck waiting to cross the tracks. It makes me late for work, it makes the kiddos late for school. I had a good long time to contemplate this yesterday as I pulled up to the tracks right as the engine was approaching and the bars were lowered. But one aspect I never considered was, "Oh, shit, they are hauling some nasty stuff two blocks from the school."

Things hauled by the school yesterday in large tank cars: phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, liquid petroleum gas, and something labeled "technical inedible liquid animal fat - not for human consumption."


I also want to say that this has been probably the worst two days at school since I started teaching. One of my students said he hated me (prompted by my refusal to allow him to strangle himself with his backpack cord). My first inclination was to tell him that it was unacceptable to say te odio to me and that if he needed to say it, then he better goddamn say se odio a Usted, but not only would that have been inappropriate, it'd not have been very in line with my anarchist principles. Hilarious, though. At least, I think so. Goddamn, it has been a bad week.


Blogger Venha Futuro said...

Um, in a disturbing way, that really is hilarious.

12/18/2006 2:38 PM  
Blogger lily of the valley said...

I think that statement kind of sums up my job.

12/18/2006 10:43 PM  

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