Monday, October 30, 2006

Training just didn't prepare me for this

Esperanza: What is Viagra?
Carmen: Yeah, Ms. G├╝erita, what's that? I heard of it.
Me: Um.
They look at me in total earnestness and suddenly the whole class is very focused on me.
Me: It's something adult.
Esperanza: But what?
Me: It's not something I can really discuss with my students. It's something that can only be used by adults.
Carmen: I'll look for it on Google.
Corazon: Me too, I know how to look it up.
Me: Please don't do that.
Everyone: Why not?
Me: It's something for adults and it has to do with sex.
Everyone: Ew. Not gonna Google that.
They abruptly lose interest.

Sometimes I am terrified of what they tell their parents about goings on in my classroom.

I got home at about seven tonight. Had a three hour meeting with the principal and my team teachers. It was the very rare meeting that actually feels productive. She says that she is really pleased with all of us and she told me that I am doing well beyond what she expects from a first year teacher. It's a huge relief. As hard as some of my job circumstances are, my colleagues in the certification program seem to have a lot less support and general well wishes of their principals. I definitely plan to stay at the school where I teach for a very long time.

Two things to discuss in the next entry:

1. Dual language vs. traditional bilingual programs.
2. Corazon. I wish I could keep her as my own child.


Blogger Venha Futuro said...

I'm glad Monday gave you such a good reason to feel good. And the story is a great one. I was oblivious to that sort of thing when I was little. I can't imagine what it must be like for an eight year-old to see Viagra commercials on TV during baseball games. I guess in fifteen or twenty years the conservatives will blame all of our societal ills on those commercials. And Ms. Guerita, who didn't go on to tell her kids that sex is evil.

10/31/2006 10:29 AM  

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