Thursday, January 04, 2007

My campus the horror flick

Our campus is full of rats. No, this isn't an oh so (un)clever metaphor or anything like that. The buildings are massively rat infested. It's so bad that they are devouring (and shitting all over) classroom materials, like books. Since rats can't control their bladders, they are pissing all over everything as they crawl around. I've seen them. The kids have seen them. Everyone has seen the fucking rats. They have no fear of humans. We can't keep any food in our rooms, even packaged items stored in thick bins. The rats chew through them. They eat right through tupperware, no matter how sturdy.

They eat they kids' art work.

It's finally gotten bad enough that our district has made it a priority to exterminate. Usually it takes a long time for the district to send someone, but we got someone today. He said our rats drag food along with them and hoard it in hidden places. It all gives me crazy visions inspired by role-playing games of wererats with disease-spreading bite attacks.

My kiddos don't deserve to go to school with rats. They don't deserve to live in a neighborhood that is so rat-infested, either, but, goddammit, school is their haven and it shouldn't have a teeming mass of shitting rodentia.


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