Monday, January 21, 2008

Whatever works

Someone I know was selling the entire seven seasons of Buffy tolerably cheap, so I bought the whole mess. It makes a most excellent backdrop for grading papers and planning lessons. We have an hour mid-day where I work with two homogenous groups of higher-ability students, a half hour with each. So I'm going to do what I wasn't allowed to do at my last campus: read novels. In fancy teacher talk, it's Literature Circles. Whatever, we're reading novels. Anyway, one group is doing Among the Hidden and the other is doing Tuck Everlasting. When we finish with those, I am hoping we'll be in the routine enough so that the kids can choose their own books to read together. I picked these two novels because I'd read them, there were class sets in the library, and I think the kids will like them both. One dystopian novel and a speculative/fantasy kind of thing. Here's hoping it goes well.


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