Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kids and Laptops

There is an update on 60 Minutes right now about the One Laptop Per Child program. I am a big ol' sap (and a geek) because watching it makes me just a teensy bit teary-eyed. I wish that the kiddos at my former campus could be a part of this project.

They just said that next year the program will be available in the US! The caveat is that when you buy one, you have to buy two. One for your kid, and one for a child in a poor country. I wonder if there will be exceptions for US children attending Title I schools. I hope so.

I know there are cricitisms regarding the project, but I'm having trouble being critical, for once. I know what it's like to grow up thinking that the world is passing you by, and that by the time you are grown up enough to leave your homeland, you'll be so hopelessly behind that catching up won't ever be possible. I'll be watching how this goes, and maybe a kiddo will be getting a new laptop. From me.

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