Monday, June 25, 2007

The End of Days

Today my principal and I were talking and the subject of identity theft came up. She used a phrase that immediately set off my Jeezer Alert System. Beep beep cashless society beep beep. Oh dear, I thought, here it comes. And then she said it: In the bible, before there was even cash money like today, they predicted this. This is all End Times stuff, right here and now. I wanted to ask her to name the verse. I also wanted to ask her why she was discussing this with me, her employee, an atheist, at work.

Despite some of the issues I've had on my campus, I personally like my principal. When I was a cult member, I was deeply hurt by people not accepting my faith. But it works both ways. She knows I'm adamantly not religious. But because of the work environment and our relationship as superior and subordinate, I have to entertain her comments. It's hideously disrespectful and I resent it.

On a totally unrelated note: Holy, shit, I'm watching HBO's Big Love, and this kid on the show is getting a straight edge tattoo on his back. I am laughing so hard. He's pressuring another kid to "pledge" straight edge. Giggle.



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