Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A few things before bed

I can't believe I'm posting a link from WorldNetDaily. This is a jeezer saying why there shouldn't be prayer at a football game. I wish I could get away with forwarding it to my principal.

I told my students about how my brother has been to jail twice. A lot of them have incarcerated family members and other kids sometimes rag on them about it. Ever since my revelation about my own family, I haven't heard any more of that kind of teasing. Here's hoping.

I am so tired I want to commit small acts of violence. Also, I have taken to clenching/grinding my jaw. Goddammit.

My students don't get health class. They need it. Badly. Some of them are already firmly in the throes of puberty.

Tomorrow is open house. I have to help interpret Spanish. I might be a little nervous, more about being the white girl on display than the actual Spanish part.

I am so goddamn tired that I forgot everything else I wanted to say.


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